Diamond Star 2016 for SEW-EURODRIVE


On October 24, 2016, SEW-EURODRIVE was awarded the Diamond Star 2016 as the winner in the "Group sales 1 – 5 billion euros" category at the Handelsblatt Annual Conference "Industrial summit" in Stuttgart.

Diamond Star 2016 for SEW-EURODRIVE

The prestigious panel of judges for the Diamond Star "Industry" 2016 awards has honored SEW-EURODRIVE's pioneering activities in digital networking of machinery and systems in production companies as "Best Industrial Business Solution 4.0." Our company has long been aware of the opportunities for industrial companies presented by future digitalization.

Taking the approach of "action, not just words", SEW-EURODRIVE has used the development of its showcase factory in Graben-Neudorf to set standards and is now making a name for itself as one of the pioneering companies in Industry 4.0.

The Lean Smart Factory created at SEW-EURODRIVE's own plant offers the ideal platform to try out and apply mobile logistics concepts under real production conditions. This is rapidly showing that optimum IT networking of the individual production phases results in a much more efficient overall process, with measurable potential savings in terms of valuable production time and energy costs.

The essential message from the Industry 4.0 scenarios showcased by SEW-EURODRIVE is that the human dimension is key. The role of people will become increasingly important in the process of digitalization, and their working conditions are set to undergo qualitative improvements. The creation of new areas of work is making the tasks of production employees more demanding. The future will see humans and robots working hand in hand as a team.

An outstanding and pioneering innovative project and thus a "Best Industrial Business Solution 4.0", according to the judges of Diamond Star 2016. We're delighted with this well-deserved award and we'll continue to pursue the course we have set.

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