Mechatronic Drive System Awarded HACCP Australia Certification


A crucial consideration for food and beverage manufacturers is the need to maintain strict hygiene and safety standards. During all phases of the production cycle careful attention must be given to preventing contaminants entering directly into the product or its packaging. The horrendous cost of a product recall and the tarnish to the brand name can lead to disastrous consequences for the manufacturer, brand owner and distribution chain.

MOVIGEAR® for wet areas has a number of advantages over traditional drives
MOVIGEAR® for wet areas has a number of advantages over traditional drives
MOVIGEAR® for wet areas has a number of advantages over traditional drives

Understanding the extremely high standards that Australia’s food and beverage manufacturers work towards to ensure that consumers receive the highest quality products, SEW-EURODRIVE is pleased to announce the recent Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification of its mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR® type B, variant for wet areas.

HACCP principles – designed particularly for the food and beverage industry – are in place to ensure the highest standards of safety in the final product by identifying potential contamination entry points, known as critical control points (CCP’s) and then implementing, rectifying and monitoring procedures.

Traditional machine components are not only difficult to clean thoroughly; they also generally require production areas to shut down – at least in part – for cleaning activities to take place. This procedure places strain on production timeframes, contributing to reduced product throughput affecting the overall profitability.

Machine components mounted in production or processing areas are often exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals. The shape of the component, its material composition and the method of substrate protection all play a large role in the cleaning efforts, likelihood of becoming a source of contamination and product longevity.

Due to its anti-corrosive properties stainless steel components and fixtures are the preferred choice for the production environment in the food and beverage industry. However, due to cost pressures, weight restrictions and component availability, components such as motors and gear units are often supplied with housings made from aluminium or steel.

Motors and Gear units are usually coated with a paint system and have a tendency to prematurely fail in a harsh food and beverage production environment; due to lack of care, abrasion and exposure to caustic cleaning agents. Due to their superior corrosion-inhibiting properties and abrasion resistance alternative surfaces finishes such as Anodising, Nickel and Teflon can be implemented.

Designed specifically for the food and beverage industry MOVIGEAR® for wet areas has a number of advantages over traditional drive solutions. Up to three core products can be assembled into a “self-draining” and compact housing: gear unit, motor and drive electronics (optional). Combining the technical and practical advantages of all three drive components leads to an increase in the performance, efficiency and reliability. The MOVIGEAR® product range can be easily integrated into most materials handling applications such as conveyor systems.

The smooth housing of the MOVIGEAR® for wet areas is finished with a ‘HP200’ treatment which is burned-in-to the surface during the application process. Highly resistant to rigorous cleaning regimes, including chemical and high pressure wash down, the integrity of the surface finish eliminates the possibility of “paint-lift-off” often associated with traditional surface coatings. The inherent anti-stick properties contribute to a reduction of debris build-up resulting in reduced cleaning efforts and system downtime. Standard inclusion of stainless steel shafts, fasteners and auxiliary fittings further enhances the MOVIGEAR® for wet areas anticorrosive properties.

The totally enclosed non-ventilated mechatronic drive system is designed according to the principle of convection cooling, eliminating the need of a motor fan. Motor-fan noise spread of germs and bacteria due to air swirls are a thing of the past with the MOVIGEAR® product range. A superior level of protection form liquid ingress is achieved in conjunction with the use of high quality gaskets and seals fitted between segments of the MOVIGEAR® housing.

Compliant with IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency) standards, a major benefit of the MOVIGEAR® is the impressive energy savings potential.

SEW-EURODRIVE provides training on the MOVIGEAR® product range, so that system integrators and end users can better understand its functionality from an engineering and maintenance perspective.