Industry 4.0 News Breakfast Forum


At the Industry 4.0 News Breakfast Forum held in Melbourne on 30th May, collaborative partners SICK, Sew-Eurodrive and Festo led discussions about the concept of industrial digitalisation and highlighted the current and future potential offered by Industry 4.0.

From left to right: Dr Nico Adams, Assoc. Prof. Ben Horan, David Chuter, Jason Mair, Robert Merola, Peter Sullivan
Industry 4.0 Forum speakers.
Industry 4.0 Forum speakers.

The networking aspect of the forum helped people share their interpretations and leverage off each other’s knowledge.

The 60 guests who attended the breakfast forum had the pleasure of listening to a host of speakers and a series of presentations. The event kicked off with a welcome address followed by a line-up of speakers which included three industry experts in the field, Mr Ben Horan from Deakin University, Mr David Chuter from IMCRC and Dr Nico Adams from Swinburne University. Each speaker provided some great insights on digital advancements which could transform businesses and what funding is available to support these.

Key speakers from SICK, Sew-Eurodrive and Festo also shared news about the direction each company is taking moving forward and the opportunities being created through technological developments.

Following the presentations, it was time for Q&A with panel members Mr Ben Horan, Mr David Chuter and Dr Nico Adams to expand on what was discussed and offer some tips for industry 4.0 implementation. It was great to see everyone listen in so attentively and engage with one another whilst enjoying breakfast in the surroundings of the prestigious Kooyong Lawn and Tennis Club.

This was the first event since the collaboration between these three leading automation companies with more events planned in the future. Thank you to our guests who attended the morning breakfast and to those who contributed to the success of the event including all six guest speakers. We hope you found our event worthwhile as well as interesting and informative. Your feedback received from the post-event survey has been very positive, and we’ll be sure to take all your comments into account for future events.

Now is the time to make the most of the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0. Digitalisation is a multi-year journey, and it’s important to set a clear vision and strategy as well as ask yourself some fundamental questions before you start the process ‘What do you want to achieve’?

See you at the next event!