SEW EURODRIVE introduces the Generation X.e


SEW EURODRIVE is unveiling a new iteration of its X industrial gear unit series – Generation X.e. This series has been optimized in terms of its hardware and calculation processes so that specific customer demands can be met down to the last detail.

Generation X.e
Generation X.e
Generation X.e

The most important consideration for customers when they are deciding whether to invest in something is whether their specific requirements are going to be met as cost-effectively possible. If bespoke solutions are difficult to justify on the basis of cost-effectiveness, can optimized standard products fully satisfy all requirements? These considerations led SEW EURODRIVE to rework and optimize its longstanding tried-and-tested universal gear units in the X series. Featuring both helical and helical-bevel gear unit designs, this series covers a torque range from 6.8 to 475 kNm.

As a result of the rapidly rising number of X gear units being installed worldwide every year, the growing demands being made of this product in a whole variety of industries and applications are well known. The Bruchsal-based drive specialist has now incorporated all this experience into a new version of this hardware. Another major element of the product development process was completely overhauling the tool landscape and computation suite. The end result was the latest iteration of the X series – Generation X.e.

The hardware enhancements include an improved bevel pinion housing in the input stage and optimized preload settings for the shaft bearings. Introducing thermally improved oil levels and non-contact sealing systems for input and output shafts has also enhanced critical performance characteristics of the gear unit. And finally, a new fan and fan guard concept, and tooth topology have also been used to optimize the X industrial gear unit. By combining these separate measures with computation using networked software tools, SEW EURODRIVE is giving users everything they need to configure the perfect gear unit.

The new computation suite translates customer requirements into drive specifications. The tool uses these preliminary settings to calculate the ideal combination of characteristics while maintaining mutual dependencies. The resulting characteristics are passed on directly to plant processes, ensuring a consistent information chain from the initial requirement to the finished product in assembly. Thanks to targeted improvements and design enhancements to the standard product, Generation X.e offers customers the ideal, most cost-effective solution for their needs.

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