Baggage claim at the airport

  • Safe and smooth baggage claim

    Safe, smooth, and quiet: the carousel conveyor belt in baggage claim.

Here, the conveyor belts must travel at an appropriate speed so that the baggage is not damaged and nobody is harmed when removing baggage from the conveyor belt. Not only do our drives satisfy all of these conditions, they are also extremely quiet.

Your benefits

  • Energy savings of up to 50%

    Thanks to mechatronic drives that are installed decentrally, are particularly energy efficient, and ensure a high level of productivity
  • Trouble-free baggage claim

    Thanks to reliable and efficient drive technology, which enables the baggage to move around the carousel at an appropriate speed
  • Low noise level

    Thanks to quiet, vibration-free motors - a major benefit to passengers and airport staff
  • Low operating costs

    Thanks to minimized storage due to a lower number of variants, and greater fail-safe operation as a result of overload-resistant drives

Our solutions for safe baggage claim

Carousel conveyor belts

Large crowds at the baggage conveyor belt: Passengers who recognize, grab, and remove pieces of luggage as they pass by on the conveyor belt, or passengers who retreat when they realize that a piece of luggage does not belong to them. The systems engineering needs to withstand the many high demands placed on it while, at the same time, ensure its smooth and quiet operation. Baggage must not be damaged and passengers must not be harmed.

Our reliable, low-noise drive technology enables airport operators to have excellent control over this challenging process while, at the same time, reducing their energy consumption considerably thanks to our highly energy-efficient mechatronic components.

What we can offer you

MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive unit

Gear units, motor, and electronics in a single, compact device with energy savings of up to 50%

DRC.. electronic motor

Do you want flexibility in terms of freedom to choose your own gear units and mount them directly? If so, the permanently excited synchronous motor in efficiency class IE4 with integrated drive electronics is the best choice for you.

Standard gear units

Our modular system has a comprehensive range of standard gear units for you, all of which are suitable for direct mounting onto the DRC.. electronic motor.

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