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through the combination with the SEW modular motor system, which offers numerous sizes, design variants and options.

Constructive flexibility
as the G..7 hoist drives allow large center distances, thus allowing the use of large drum diameters and thus shorter drums.

Exact adaptation
to the desired lifting speeds through finely graduated transmission ratios.

Weight optimization
by lightweight aluminum housings, which reduce the total mass of the trolley to be moved.

System solution for hoists in crane systems

The hoist gear units are available in 5 sizes G67, G77, G97, G107 and G157 for lifting capacities from 2 to 63 tonnes. The associated motors are pole-changing (12/2 pole) and have an output of 0.35/2.3 kW to 2.8/17 kW. 4-pole motors for operation with an inverter (87 Hz) are also available; these have an output between 1.8 kW and 25 kW.

Lifting speeds range from 0.5 m/min to 9.4 m/min, with a reeving of 4/1 or 6/1. The lifting speeds can be adapted exactly to the required lifting speed by means of the finely graduated gear ratio of the hoist gear. Different drum diameters are possible depending on the size of the hoist drives.

Every day, billions of products or containers are moved, loaded or transported by cranes all over the world. In production plants, loading facilities or container terminals, crane systems are the central element of goods handling. A reliable and powerful drive technology ensures safe and reliable transport of goods at high throughput rates.

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We also offer suitable travel drives and frequency inverters for almost every hoist application.

Reeving4/14/14/14/14/1 and 6/1
Drum diameter
140170 - 215266 - 295295 - 325405
FEM Working classM5 - M7M5 - M7M4 - M7M4 - M7M4 - M5
Hoisting speed
0.5 - 8.10.6 - 9.4 0.5 - 8.60.5 - 8.10.7 - 7.8
Power with DRN.. motor
kW (4-polig, 87 Hz)
1.8 - 12.73.7 - 15.56.8 - 15.512.7 - 2512.7 - 25
Power with DR2S.. motor
kW (12-/2-polig, 50 Hz)
​0.35/2.3 - 0.55/3.60.65/4.2 - 1.4/9.01.4/9.0 - 1.8/11.02.3/15 -
Output shaftW40x2x18x8fW45x2x21x8fW65x2x31x8f
  • Cable winches
  • Single gantry crane with monorail trolley on I-profile
  • Double gantry overhead travelling crane with double rail crab
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Portal Cranes