MOVIFIT® SC motor starters

Our motor starter is generally used in systems which include electronics mounted close to the motor. Besides smooth starting and braking for up to two motors, the innovative unit design offers many benefits for installation operation and service in terms of time and cost.

MOVIFIT® SC for simple handling tasks in decentralised infrastructure

MOVIFIT® SC motor starters
MOVIFIT® SC motor starters
MOVIFIT® SC motor starters

Problem free starting! With our MOVIFIT® SC electronic motor starter. Flexible ramps for starting and stopping. Operation of up to two motors simultaneously or one motor for two directions of rotation. Integrated brake control, which enables operation on virtually all common fieldbus systems with potential decentralized inputs and outputs as well as operation of IE3 motors. Our motor starter offers you a broad areas of applications.

  • No startup is necessary with the classic function level. Simple DIP switches make the relevant settings following which the MOVIFIT® SC is immediately ready for use. It is controlled via the PLC using standardized process data profiles. Our "MOVIFIT® Gateway Configurator" provides you with simple configuration and diagnostics options even for more complex applications.

The following also applies for both function levels:

Technology function level

Do you have more individual requirements? Then opt for the technology variant. Here it is all about setting parameters instead of programming. Individually tailored to your application with standardised application modules. Or program freely using the IEC standard language to the PLC open certification standard.

Classic function level

The robust aluminum cast housing in IP65 enclosure protection is divided into electronics unit (EBOX) and connection unit (ABOX). A major benefit is the closing mechanism with only one screw and the automatic unit replacement. This enables quick assembly and smooth unit replacement for servicing.

The integrated T distributor for energy and communication, the integrated repair switch and digital IOs means that a wide variety of external additional components are no longer required for the installation. This saves time and money.

The HygienicPlus design for use in extreme ambient conditions, for example in wet conditions in the beverage industry, is also available as standard.

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  • CAD data and documentation for your configuration
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Your benefits

  • Simple handling

    of functions and parameters without additional complexity.
  • Rapid system availability

    due to pluggable connections, configuration via DIP switches as well as an overall concept with only one screw.
  • Individual adaptability

    with the technology variant due to free programming with IEC modules.


Technical data

Connection variants

Function level

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