Agitator, mixer and aerator

Agitators, mixers and aerators are complex systems that require expert know-how and comprehensive industry knowledge. Our experience with industrial gear units ensures that you will receive a flexible and reliable drive solution.

Powerful industrial gear unit solutions for agitators, mixers and aerators

X series industrial gear units for use in agitators, mixers and aerators
Industrial gear unit solution for agitators, mixers and aerators
Industrial gear unit solution for agitators, mixers and aerators

Many sectors of industry use mixers and agitators. The blended, mixed or combined materials can vary significantly, e.g. chemicals or minerals. The processes and ambient conditions can also be very different. Our portfolio of high-torque and robust X series industrial gear units is designed to meet your requirements.

Regardless of whether the mixer or agitator is set-up outdoors or inside a building: our gear units function flawlessly, even under extreme ambient temperatures and at high operating temperatures.

It doesn't matter whether the gear unit is installed vertically (on the tank) or horizontally (on the side of the tank), or even under the tank in special cases: we provide the required torque. We also deal with difficult installation conditions: the invertible housing makes universal mounting positions possible. It enables both left and right positions with a single industrial gear unit. This provides flexible application opportunities and the universal housing guarantees the rapid availability of this drive unit – worldwide.

Reliable drive solution for aerators: X series industrial gear units

As a leading manufacturer of industrial gear units, our distinctive modular system technology and large range of optional equipment ensures a reliable drive solution for your aerator. Aerators are used in downstream treatment of waste water in sewage treatment plants, as well as for many other applications. In this case, air circulates through the liquid or substance. In some aerator designs the load and the weight are divided between the gear unit output bearing and the support bearing. Our X series industrial gear units are also the perfect solution for these requirements.

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Your benefits

  • Reliable package solution

    thanks to perfectly compatible components and other options that can be combined for your specific application.
  • Reduced expenses

    due to the extended bearing distance concept, which means that you save on the need for a separate agitator bearing.
  • Increased operating life

    as the mechanical seal remains intact for longer due to the reduced tendency to vibrate.

Features, options and areas of application for mixers, agitators and aerators


X series – agitator drive*

* Available as of 3rd quarter of 2015

  • Consumption of high loads directly on the gear shaft possible. The systematical use of additional rolling bearings in the application is not necessary
  • 8 sizes – gear unit consists of the tried and tested components of the X series
  • Application-specific rolling bearing concept for absorbing external forces and bending moments
  • Three-stage helical gear unit design with special vertical housing for optimised heat dissipation
  • Modular helical and bevel-helical gear unit design based on the universal housing of the X series can be used universally
  • Foot-mounted and flange-mounted designs available
  • Efficient sealing system including drywell seal
  • Available with pressure or oil bath lubrication
  • Also available in ATEX design


  • Drywell seal
  • Foot mounting
  • Backstop
  • Rigid flange coupling
  • Flange mounting with flexible flange concept
  • Oil expansion tank
  • Surface protection

Technical data

Technical data of agitator drive

Close table
Gear unit design Stages Gear ratio
Nominal torque MN2
Helical gear units with vertical housing 3-stage 20 – 100 22 – 90
Helical and bevel-helical gear units with universal housing 2 to 4 stages 6.3 – 450 22 – 90
We have stored a table for you here.

Areas of application

Mixers and agitators:

  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mineral processing industry
  • Plastics industry


  • Downstream processing of waste water
  • Waste water treatment
  • Sewage treatment plants

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