MultiMotion motion control platform

The more complex the automated motion sequence, the more important it is to have an efficient engineering solution that provides convenient access to a wide range of motion control functionalities.

Efficient engineering solutions with our MultiMotion motion control platform

The drive solutions used in machines can be very diverse. Functionality can range from basic speed specification, positioning, and synchronised movement of axes with electronic cams, right through to robotics, where multiple axes are required to follow a precisely defined spherical curve.

The range of drives and drive electronics that are used in these applications is equally diverse. The MultiMotion motion control platform helps users to handle this diversity and quickly achieve their goal thanks to an efficient engineering solution.

The MultiMotion platform focuses on the following:

  • As much configuration as possible – complicated programming of complex technology functions is no longer necessary
  • As much programming as necessary – flexibility for any customisations needed, with possibility of extensions
  • Support via graphical tools – guided configuration of standard functions, user-friendly diagnostics
  • Standardised interfaces – access from the application program via a standardised interface

When it comes to creating customised solutions, the MultiMotion motion control platform provides maximum support. Many motion control functions can be accessed directly thanks to graphical configuration, which means you don't waste valuable time on tedious programming. You can still design your application program according to your own requirements and access drive functions via a standardised interface. You can also extend your MultiMotion motion control platform by adding individual technology modules and benefit from the additional functionality provided.

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