Application Configurator for CCUs

Our Application configurator provides a large number of standardised, configurable software modules. It makes the process of configuring basic single-access application modules and complex multi-axis application modules significantly easier, and completely dispenses with the need for programming.

Configure rather than program, using our CCU (Configurable control unit)

Are you a machine operator looking for suitable control solutions that are easy to configure and automate? Is quick startup without the need for tedious programming important to you?

With standardised application modules that require only minimal configuration and can be run directly, our Application Configurator control software for CCUs gives you the reassurance you need. The functionality of these modules is tailored for each specific application. This allows you to configure your drive applications quickly and easily, without the need for programming expertise. An integrated diagnostics function also helps you get your machine up and running with minimum effort and delay. Once you have configured the application modules, they run on the associated controller hardware, independently of your drive electronics system.

  • Single-axis application modules: Configurable software modules for controlling single axes in various operating modes such as speed control, positioning, and phase-synchronous operation.
  • Multi-axis application modules: Configurable software modules for controlling complex motion sequences for stacker cranes, winding applications, and kinematic applications, for example.

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