Visualisation solutions for controllers

When combined with a Windows operating system, the MOVI-PLC® power offers the ideal platform for controller-based visualisation solutions, operational data collection, measurement data evaluation, and standard Windows tasks.

High-end motion control and visualisation with MOVI-PLC® power

MOVI-PLC® power with Windows operating system
Controller-based visualisation with the IPC controller MOVI-PLC® power
Controller-based visualisation with the IPC controller MOVI-PLC® power

As an operator of highly complex systems, you face the challenge of ensuring that demanding technology functions run with multiple degrees of freedom. The ability to do this via a centralised controller with a reduced number of interfaces would allow you achieve significant gains in terms efficiency and productivity.

Our portfolio's MOVI-PLC® power, a programmable motion and logic controller compatible with IEC-61131-3, offers just the solution you need. It ensures optimum implementation of centrally processed high-end motion and logic control applications. It is specially designed for motion functions such as cams and 3D robot functions with up to eight degrees of freedom.

Real-time operating system with high processing power in 1-ms cycles

The integrated Intel Core2Duo microprocessor provides exceptionally high processing power and extremely short response times. It also features an SBUSPLUS system bus (on-board EtherCAT) for the synchronous transfer of processing power to the drives. This enables your entire driveline with up to 32 motion and logic control axes to be processed in just one millisecond.

It also comes with an integrated CFast memory card for firmware, applications, and operational data. The replacement of units is easier while maintaining exceptionally fast data access.

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